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This data type is used as the syntax of the ifType object in the (updated) definition of MIB-II's ifTable. The definition of this textual convention with the addition of newly assigned values is published periodically by the IANA, in either the Assigned Numbers RFC, or some derivative of it specific to Internet Network Management number assignments. (The latest arrangements can be obtained by contacting the IANA.) Requests for new values should be made to IANA via email (iana@iana.org). The relationship between the assignment of ifType values and of OIDs to particular media-specific MIBs is solely the purview of IANA and is subject to change without notice. Quite often, a media-specific MIB's OID-subtree assignment within MIB-II's 'transmission' subtree will be the same as its ifType value. However, in some circumstances this will not be the case, and implementors must not pre-assume any specific relationship between ifType values and transmission subtree OIDs.
  INTEGER other(1), regular1822(2), hdh1822(3), ddnX25(4), rfc877x25(5), ethernetCsmacd(6), iso88023Csmacd(7), iso88024TokenBus(8), iso88025TokenRing(9), iso88026Man(10), starLan(11), proteon10Mbit(12), proteon80Mbit(13), hyperchannel(14), fddi(15), lapb(16), sdlc(17), ds1(18), e1(19), basicISDN(20), primaryISDN(21), propPointToPointSerial(22), ppp(23), softwareLoopback(24), eon(25), ethernet3Mbit(26), nsip(27), slip(28), ultra(29), ds3(30), sip(31), frameRelay(32), rs232(33), para(34), arcnet(35), arcnetPlus(36), atm(37), miox25(38), sonet(39), x25ple(40), iso88022llc(41), localTalk(42), smdsDxi(43), frameRelayService(44), v35(45), hssi(46), hippi(47), modem(48), aal5(49), sonetPath(50), sonetVT(51), smdsIcip(52), propVirtual(53), propMultiplexor(54), ieee80212(55), fibreChannel(56), hippiInterface(57), frameRelayInterconnect(58), aflane8023(59), aflane8025(60), cctEmul(61), fastEther(62), isdn(63), v11(64), v36(65), g703at64k(66), g703at2mb(67), qllc(68), fastEtherFX(69), channel(70), ieee80211(71), ibm370parChan(72), escon(73), dlsw(74), isdns(75), isdnu(76), lapd(77), ipSwitch(78), rsrb(79), atmLogical(80), ds0(81), ds0Bundle(82), bsc(83), async(84), cnr(85), iso88025Dtr(86), eplrs(87), arap(88), propCnls(89), hostPad(90), termPad(91), frameRelayMPI(92), x213(93), adsl(94), radsl(95), sdsl(96), vdsl(97), iso88025CRFPInt(98), myrinet(99), voiceEM(100), voiceFXO(101), voiceFXS(102), voiceEncap(103), voiceOverIp(104), atmDxi(105), atmFuni(106), atmIma(107), pppMultilinkBundle(108), ipOverCdlc(109), ipOverClaw(110), stackToStack(111), virtualIpAddress(112), mpc(113), ipOverAtm(114), iso88025Fiber(115), tdlc(116), gigabitEthernet(117), hdlc(118), lapf(119), v37(120), x25mlp(121), x25huntGroup(122), trasnpHdlc(123), interleave(124), fast(125), ip(126), docsCableMaclayer(127), docsCableDownstream(128), docsCableUpstream(129), a12MppSwitch(130), tunnel(131), coffee(132), ces(133), atmSubInterface(134), l2vlan(135), l3ipvlan(136), l3ipxvlan(137), digitalPowerline(138), mediaMailOverIp(139), dtm(140), dcn(141), ipForward(142), msdsl(143), ieee1394(144), if-gsn(145), dvbRccMacLayer(146), dvbRccDownstream(147), dvbRccUpstream(148), atmVirtual(149), mplsTunnel(150), srp(151), voiceOverAtm(152), voiceOverFrameRelay(153), idsl(154), compositeLink(155), ss7SigLink(156), propWirelessP2P(157), frForward(158), rfc1483(159), usb(160), ieee8023adLag(161), bgppolicyaccounting(162), frf16MfrBundle(163), h323Gatekeeper(164), h323Proxy(165), mpls(166), mfSigLink(167), hdsl2(168), shdsl(169), ds1FDL(170), pos(171), dvbAsiIn(172), dvbAsiOut(173), plc(174), nfas(175), tr008(176), gr303RDT(177), gr303IDT(178), isup(179), propDocsWirelessMaclayer(180), propDocsWirelessDownstream(181), propDocsWirelessUpstream(182), hiperlan2(183), propBWAp2Mp(184), sonetOverheadChannel(185), digitalWrapperOverheadChannel(186), aal2(187), radioMAC(188), atmRadio(189), imt(190), mvl(191), reachDSL(192), frDlciEndPt(193), atmVciEndPt(194), opticalChannel(195), opticalTransport(196), propAtm(197), voiceOverCable(198), infiniband(199), teLink(200), q2931(201), virtualTg(202), sipTg(203), sipSig(204), docsCableUpstreamChannel(205), econet(206), pon155(207), pon622(208), bridge(209), linegroup(210), voiceEMFGD(211), voiceFGDEANA(212), voiceDID(213), mpegTransport(214), sixToFour(215), gtp(216), pdnEtherLoop1(217), pdnEtherLoop2(218), opticalChannelGroup(219), homepna(220), gfp(221), ciscoISLvlan(222), actelisMetaLOOP(223), fcipLink(224), rpr(225), qam(226), lmp(227), cblVectaStar(228), docsCableMCmtsDownstream(229), adsl2(230), macSecControlledIF(231), macSecUncontrolledIF(232), aviciOpticalEther(233), atmbond(234)  

The encapsulation method used by a tunnel. The value direct indicates that a packet is encapsulated directly within a normal IP header, with no intermediate header, and unicast to the remote tunnel endpoint (e.g., an RFC 2003 IP-in-IP tunnel, or an RFC 1933 IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnel). The value minimal indicates that a Minimal Forwarding Header (RFC 2004) is inserted between the outer header and the payload packet. The value UDP indicates that the payload packet is encapsulated within a normal UDP packet (e.g., RFC 1234). The values sixToFour, sixOverFour, and isatap indicates that an IPv6 packet is encapsulated directly within an IPv4 header, with no intermediate header, and unicast to the destination determined by the 6to4, 6over4, or ISATAP protocol. The remaining protocol-specific values indicate that a header of the protocol of that name is inserted between the outer header and the payload header. The assignment policy for IANAtunnelType values is identical to the policy for assigning IANAifType values.
  INTEGER other(1), direct(2), gre(3), minimal(4), l2tp(5), pptp(6), l2f(7), udp(8), atmp(9), msdp(10), sixToFour(11), sixOverFour(12), isatap(13), teredo(14)  

Defined Values

This MIB module defines the IANAifType Textual Convention, and thus the enumerated values of the ifType object defined in MIB-II's ifTable.